More Than A Coach

Waves Founder, Head Coach Pat McGuire


In loving memory of Pat McGuire, a luminary figure whose legacy radiates through the lives of countless softball players and the broader community. As the founder and West End Waves 18U Showcase coach, Pat's impact was profound and far-reaching, shaping not just athletes, but nurturing spirits and instilling values that transcended the field.


Pat was more than a coach; he was a guiding light, a mentor, and a source of unwavering support for generations of players. His profound influence extended far beyond the game, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and lives of those he touched.


His commitment to his players' well-being was unparalleled. From providing a consoling gesture in a time of grief to fostering camaraderie through Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Pat's presence was felt both on and off the field. He was a constant source of encouragement, a steadying force during life's highs and lows.


His dedication to the sport was matched only by his devotion to his players. Beyond honing their skills on the field, Pat cultivated character, instilling values of resilience, sportsmanship, and integrity. His impact extended to life moments - from attending banquets and graduations to sending heartfelt messages on holidays and birthdays. His care for their development underscored his commitment to shaping exceptional individuals.


Pat embodied the essence of a true mentor, going above and beyond to guide players through the college admissions process, personally speaking with college softball coaches, and traveling long distances just to be a reassuring presence in the stands. His unwavering support extended beyond the game, transcending seasons and games, ensuring his players knew they were cherished, valued, and supported.


His legacy lives on not just in the wins and accolades of the game but in the enduring bonds he forged and the lives he enriched. His impact, a ripple effect of kindness and guidance, will continue to inspire and uplift, a testament to the extraordinary man and coach he was.


To Pat McGuire, a coach, a mentor, and a cherished figure whose spirit and legacy will forever echo in the hearts of those he touched. Rest in peace, knowing your legacy thrives in the countless lives you've touched and transformed.



Coaching Philosopy:


No matter what type of team you have, always have a positive attitude and give 100% at all times. What's good for one player must be good for all. Don't play favorites. Let your players know what you expect from them and what they can expect from you. Make all your instructions clear and precise. Don't blame a player or umpire for a loss. I coached the game and I take the loss.  - Pat McGuire





The coaching staff's primary focus is to enhance each individual players fundamental skills so they have the opportunity to reach their next level of play, as well as to contribute maximum ability to the team. Also, to help mold our players values by teaching loyalty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, personal courage and performance.